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Many parts of China are experiencing the hottest heat in 60 years and severe drought in many areas has dried up rivers, including the Yangtze, the main life-giving river for Chinese people. The drought was so severe that people could go for a walk, but its impact not only affected the environment but also put pressure on the agricultural industry and strengthen the already slowing economy. And this is what China suffered from natural disasters as a result of the global turmoil on Friday August 19. A nationwide drought warning has been issued, with the intense heatwave expected to persist. Last week until September, the most worrisome area was Sichuan province last week, while not shutting down all industrial plants for six days to help reduce electricity shortages in people's homes who now have to turn on air conditioners. Bumping to alleviate the suffering of extreme heat conditions, power usage peaks near overload, raising the risk of widespread power outages.



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