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Track Record 

Elysian Executive Solution is a professional recruitment firm focusing on the banking and finance field. Working with a wide range of leading Chinese and International banks/financial institutions in Hong Kong, we specialize in SFC Type 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 businesses including Investment Banking, Private Wealth Management, Asset Management, Hedge funds, Private Equity and Sales & Trading. With years of experience in niche financial sectors, we have a very strong and active pool of candidates with PRC, Hong Kong and overseas working experience from front to back offices.


Many of our consultants originate from the banking industry. Our understanding of both our clients' and candidates' needs, enable us to act in our clients' best interests, rather than being just an ordinary service provider. We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients by supporting them with job market trends, position analysis and career planning advice. We guarantee to deliver any qualified candidates to them within 3 days, in which we call our "360 degree quality service".



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Our Recent Track Record

Top-tier International

Private Bank

  • Assistant Relationship Manager

  • Relationship Manager

International top-tier hedge fund firm

  • Equity Trader

  • Equity research

  • Fixed Income Trader

  • Quantitative Research

  • Quantitative developer

One of Chinese big Four banks’ private equity arm

  • VP - real estate

Leading Chinese bank’s Investment banking subsidiary in Hong Kong

  • M&A  - Director

  • DCM - Director

  • Deputy head of compliance

  • Institutional sales – Vice president

Renowned state-owned enterprise’s capital market subsidiary in Hong Kong

  • Legal Counsel

Leading Chinese policy bank’s Private Equity subsidiary in Hong Kong

  • Deputy Head of Finance

Leading Chinese Securities’ Investment Banking Arm

  • ECM - Director

  • Equity Trader

  • DCM - Deal Origination

  •  Head of DCM

Leading Chinese Bank’s Asset

Management Subsidiary In Hong Kong

  • RO 1 & RO 9

  • Head of Fund Operation

  • Head of Risk Management

  • Head of Trading

  • Fund Distribution Sales

World leading Private Equity firm in Hong Kong

  • Associate Director

  • Director

Leading Chinese securities’ Investment Banking arm

  • ECM - Director

  • Equity trader

Leading Chinese Bank’s Investment Banking Subsidiary In Hong Kong

  • ECM - Associate

  • DCM - MD

  • M&A - Director

  • DCM - Director

  • Institutional sales – Vice president

  • Principal & RO 6

One of top south Asia banks’ Investment Bank

  • Senior equity research

Top Japanese investment bank’s Private Bank

  • Senior assistant relationship manager​

Renowned Private & State owned Enterprise In HK

  • COO

  • CEO

  • Treasury Manager

  • Liquidity & Cash Management

  • Legal Counsel

Leading Chinese Private Equity Firm

  • Head of Private Equity

  • Head of Compliance

  • Senior Compliance Manager

Leading Chinese Retail

& Commercial Banking

  • Senior Relationship Manager

  • Branch Manager

  • Investment Product Specialist

International Top-tier Private Equity Firm

  • Senior VP

  • VP – Fintech​

Leading Chinese Policy

Bank’s Private Equity

Subsidiary In Hong Kong

  • Deputy Head of Finance

One of Chinese Big Four

Banks’ Asset Management Arm

  • Head of Legal & Compliance

  • Senior Compliance Manager

  • Risk Manager

Reputable European Bank

  • DCM Associate

  • DCM Managing Director

  • Senior Equity Research

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